Friday 29 April 2011

Proud to be British

Picture linked from BBC:
Watching the wedding was such a huge reminder that we remain a unique and magnificent country.

Highlights to me were the singing of "Jerusalem" during the service and the massive crowds down the Mall.

When the naysayers start to run our country down and run the royal family down, show them that video,

History was made today, with a future King marrying a commoner, history is what brings tourism into Britain.   The Royal Family will continue to do that for generations.

My nomination for the award of misery guts of the day goes to Peter Hain MP, Labour Shadow Cabinet Member, who tweeted this during the service:

"Loads of TV coverage of Cameron and Clegg at wedding but none of Ed. BBC airbrushing Labour like the Palace?"

But, let's finish on a positive note - a great day for a great country.

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