Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Letter of support from Waterlees

I spotted this letter of support for the current Conservative Councillors from Waterlees in the Cambs Times.  I agree wholeheartedly with what it says.  Both Ray Griffin and David Wheeler have worked incredibly hard for their residents and, in fact, some of the current mischief about one of the most important investments in the area, the play area in the Spinney, is not about the reality of what is happening and has been done, but an exaggeration of some minor issues.  It was interesting canvassing in the area a few days ago (and I'll be back) hearing someone say that their son loves the play area, but she is voting for XXXXXX because he wants to close it because of all the trouble.

What trouble?   I keep getting sent images of the park open after hours (which we are dealing with), but they are images of children doing absolutely nothing wrong.  The police have confirmed that the site is not an ASB hotspot - and we ignore the fact that there were considerable problems on that land before the play area was put in place.

Ray and David have done an immense amount for Waterlees Ward - more than any previous Councillors and I really do hope, from the perspective of an individual that is passionate about dealing with difficult social problems  as much as from a Conservative perspective that they are re-elected.

The canvassing I did, was overall, very positive - which is a good sign and I'll be back helping in a few days.

If you want to know what I mean, I suggest you go to the Cambridgeshire Atlas and do some digging about Waterlees.  Looking at Male life expectancy figures is a good start.

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