Monday 13 June 2011

Appropriate or Not?

I have a number of Conservative Councillors in Peterborough whom I would count amongst my friends.  I don't always agree with what Peterborough City Council do (but most of the time I do) - I also recognise the opposition's right to oppose.   But sometimes that can go too far.

Take Lib Dem Peterborough City Councillor Darren Fower for example.  At about 8.14 this evening he tweeted:
"Replace the word NAZIs - with "Peterborough Tories" + this would be an enjoyable trailer! Click: "
I have taken out the link, because it is not appropriate for some.   Basically it is for a trailer for a rather gruesome Quentin Tarantino film called Inglorious B******s" in which Brad Pitt leads a team of extremely nasty insurgents behind enemy lines in France to torture and murder Nazis.

I am not easily offended - as an example I have watched and enjoyed the above mentioned film - but taking the context and applying it to politicians and friends in Peterborough is not appropriate.  That tweet is, at best, a very poor and very sick joke.

Of course he is a Lib Dem.  My views about Lib Dems are clearly laid out in previous posts on this blog - but I'm sure most people will find my comments here absolutely spot on - if you disagree - feel free to comment.  I would like to know whether the Leader of Peterborough Liberal Democrats supports Cllr Fower's comments?

I'll email him later to find out.

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