Tuesday 14 June 2011

Cambridgeshire's Preparedness for a Zombie Invasion

Over the weekend I saw this rather strange article on the BBC News website.

Part of my Cabinet Portfolio at the County Council is Emergency Planning so, in jest, I sent an email to our officers asking about our preparedness for a Zombie attack.  The response made me laugh:
"Cambridgeshire County Council has no specific response plan covering a zombie invasion. The Community Risk Management Group has assessed the risk and has opted to deal with all supernatural phenomena under a single heading. As such, any invasion of the living dead would be dealt with under our generic response plan that covers all emanations from the Legions of Hell. 
Essentially, in the event of a zombie invasion we suggest that staff work from home. Any member of staff who is bitten and therefore becomes a zombie themselves should contact their line manager as soon as possible to arrange suitable leave arrangements.
Sadly I see no reference to actions that elected members should take…."
Serious business this Council work.

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