Friday 10 June 2011

Guided Busway - why is it important to the North of the County

This week we received the good news that the Guided Busway is to open on 7th August - and about time too.

Many to the North of the County have said the Guided Bus is irrelevant to them, I am not convinced that is the case.  We do have a fair number from the North of the County who work in Cambridge, it will be great for them - I intend to use it when I can to get into Shire Hall by parking at St Ives.

But the news that the buses will run to Huntingdon makes it even more important.  As a real lover of live rock music, one of my few issues with Peterborough is that it does not have the sort of music venue that befits a city of its size. Many, like me, like to go to a Gig and have a few beers and the only option to do this is a trip to London.  Access to Huntingdon from Cambridge after midnight could change this (and this is included in the timetable).  The guided bus to Huntingdon and the late train to Peterborough opens up Cambridge City to me and many others, meaning I can make better use of the Corn Exchange and the Junction as an alternative to London.

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