Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Vote Early - Vote Often - Let's Get Young Lives Afloat

I blogged recently about Young Lives' ambitious Get Creative - Get Afloat Project which they are bidding for support from in the Jubilee People's Millions competition.  This is an extremely important and exciting project for Cambridgeshire - but it will only win support if people vote for it.  Today is the day, so please call 0871 626 88 08 to support the project.  Did you get that?: 0871 626 88 08.

The Waterways are important to this area - especially the Fens - it would be great to have a young people's project in the area that used such an important part of our history.   If you agree call:  0871 626 88 08

Also tune into ITV Anglia at 6PM to see how it gets on.  But while you are waiting call: 0871 626 88 08

The voting phone line opens at 9am and will be open until midnight

A maximum of 10 calls will be accepted from any one phone number. Calls cost no more than 11p from a landline but will be higher from a mobile

Calls can be made from anywhere in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

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