Wednesday, 22 June 2011

E-Cops Message about non-Rape in Whittlesey

You may have seen on this blog an article about an alleged rape in Whittlesey.  I did update that message to reflect a change in position which suggested this may not have happened.  Today I got this message via E-Cops:

Dear resident,
You may have seen or heard recent media coverage of a police investigation into a rape in a park off Station Road in Whittlesey, on Thursday night (June 16).
As with all reports of serious crime, we set up a crime scene and have been carrying out investigations in the area, including door-to-door enquiries.
As a result of our detailed investigations, I can reassure you that no rape, or any other crime, took place that night in the circumstances reported.
Two men who were arrested will have no action taken against them.

Whilst I am disappointed that I put out information about something that never happened - I was responding to a genuine request for information at that time.  Moreover, the fact that it turns out that such a hideous crime was not committed is good news because I know the concern that this would have created, particularly among women in Whittlesey.

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