Tuesday 16 October 2012

An about face and victory for Whittlesey (but not on Supermarkets...yet)

The Boundary Commission for England has published its revised proposals for new Parliamentary Constituencies.

You may remember the previous debate in Whittlesey, where there was overwhelming concern expressed about the proposal to link us with Peterborough South constituency and remove our historic links with Cambridgeshire.  I carried out some "politics in the pub" evenings to discuss this and encouraged people to express their views to the Boundary Commission and a 500 petition signature was submitted.

Well, the views of Whittlesey residents have been listened to and the latest report has reversed those proposals and has, instead, suggested keeping the North East Cambridgeshire constituency, with Whittlesey included. In fact, it seems to almost recreate the old "Isle of Ely" constituency, although Wisbech moves into a constituency with Downham Market.

There is one aspect of these revised proposals which is important to the debate taking place about supermarkets at the moment.  The report specifically mentions the correspondence received from Whittlesey residents as a factor in it considerations.  People wrote, someone listened, and Whittlesey got its way.   I have been encouraging people to write and complain to Fenland about supermarkets; politicians standing up for Whittlesey is important, but it works all the better when it is matched by a voice from the community.

The Boundary Commission proposals are still just proposals and there are some outside of Whittlesey who will not be happy about the changes - so please consider writing in and supporting the changes (or opposing them if you disagree with my view).

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