Wednesday 17 October 2012

Public Meeting

Speaking at the meeting complete with sideburns
The Cambs Times have suggested that approaching 300 people were at the public meeting last night.

I thought it was well chaired by John Elworthy, and that Whittlesey people were given an opportunity to make their views known.  I was pleased to see Cllr John Clarke, a Cabinet Member from Fenland District Council there last night, it meant that the strength of feeling about last night could be fed back to the District from someone with no connection to Whittlesey.  I was also surprised and pleased to see Tesco represented, I didn't expect it, but it means they too have got a clear message.

What didn't surprise me was that so many people were there, I know what has been said to me in and around Whittlesey.  It is the first time that our Town's voice has been heard on this, and we took the opportunity.  I have said a number of times since the meeting of 19th September when the decision to refuse Tesco was overturned that Fenland District Council must ensure they recognise and deal with the Whittlesey issues that have been created as well as dealing with the legal nightmare.  To date that has not happened, but the need for them to do this must surely have got across loud and clear now.

My colleague Gary Swan made the point last night about the need for residents to complain to Fenland District Council about the matter.  He is, of course, quite right.  Fenland's Complaints policy can be found here.

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  1. I was there with my wings wrapped around the Ivy Leaf Club.
    I made sure that those against you struggled for words and those with you were eloquent.
    Many are the thoughts in the adversery,s heart, it is the good which will prevail