Monday, 29 October 2012

E-Cops Halloween Message

Some might see the recent E-Cops message about Halloween as a bit "yah-boo sucks", but I support every word of it.  Having seen exactly how scared Halloween and the whole trick or treating thing made an elderly relative of mine, I realised that what is fun for some can be a source of real worry for others, so I hope people will read this and comply:

"Just a reminder to parents who will be taking their children out for Halloween trick or treating. Please could you bear in mind that not everyone welcomes a visit on Halloween, especially the elderly who are living alone. They may get quite anxious having a knock on the door when it is dark outside, due to the clocks going back at the weekend,(it will be soon be getting dark around five o clock).
Most people who are taking part in Halloween have their houses decorated with pumpkins etc so it would be advisable to visit these for your trick or treating.

For older children please do not allow them to take eggs and flour out with them as this can cause a lot of upset to residents to find their windows and doors covered and having to clear up the mess.

I hope you all have a great Halloween!"

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  1. And I hope you may have a great Halloween too. Nice halloween message. Happy Halloween everyone!

    ~ Lyn