Saturday 13 October 2012

Canvassing for Gary Swan

I spent this morning canvassing for Gary Swan, the Conservative candidate for the by-election for St Mary's Ward on 25th October.  I was with a team that included Stephen Barclay MP as well as party members from Peterborough, March, Wisbech and, of course, Whittlesey.  It says a great deal about Gary that he has managed to bring in support from such a wide area.

It was also reassuring to know that people largely understand that both Gary and the majority of Whittlesey Conservatives are fighting the Whittlesey corner on the supermarket debate.

What I also hadn't realised until today was that Gary has cancelled a holiday to focus on this election campaign, that says a great deal about his commitment as well as the support he has from his wife.  Of course, the Independent candidate has been away for two weeks on holiday!!


  1. A holiday that was booked by Roy Gerstner a year ago, how could he have known that Cllr Peachey was to sadly pass away? is there no end to your trouble causing meddling and mixing Martin! Is it not enough that you have brought Fenland district Council and Whittlesey to this hopeless mess, why don't you get on with something worth while and stop looking for trouble.

  2. Wasn't a criticism of Roy. Perfectly entitled to go on holiday, but there is undoubtedly a contrast. Gary's holiday was also booked and he prioritised his wish to be elected, I take my hat off to him and his family for that.

    As for the rest of the stuff. Please articulate what and how, it would be useful to read some meaningful comment rather than just a rant from an anonymous poster.