Friday 12 October 2012

Sacked Update

I have just heard on BBC Radio Cambs that I was sacked because I got too close to one particular application.

I need to defend myself on that.  In the run up to the planning debate I made it plain that if Tesco proved to be the best planning decision I would have supported it.  But a combination of the survey I carried out (which showed huge support in Whittlesey for Sainsbury) and the fact that I realised I could never support the basis for the Officer's recommendation at the committee, I stood down from the decision making process because of predetermination.

At that point, legally, I was entitled  to support whoever and whatever I wished without any need for impartiality.  I make no apology for standing up for the wishes of the people I serve and supporting a planning application which offered Whittlesey a much desired supermarket and a country park for a Town with a recognised lack of green space.

It is clear that my sacking has still not been justified.

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