Friday 12 October 2012

Sacked No 3

I received this from the Leader of Fenland District Council a short while ago:
"At no time have I suggested that Martin acted outside of the law. I know that Martin took advice from our legal officers and he adhered to that legal advice completely. If I gave the impression to the contrary during the breakfast interview I un-reservedly apologise. I have no problem with statement being made public."

I genuinely appreciate the clarification.

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  1. Or in other words, to translate from Cllr Melton's comments of earlier today on the Radion Cambridgeshire Breakfast Show, "Tt appears that I may have come across as a bit of a fool during the interview and given the impression that I have a set of councillors who are completely out of control and that I allowed this to happen.

    Hmm, best to get rid of all of them and start again (drawing from the existing pool of "talent" (I use the term loosely and exclude you from this Martin) after they've all been re-trained.... Of course, none of this is my fault - it's the fault of whoever's in charge!! I know, why don't I blame Martin!!"

    Incidentally, when IS Cllr. Melton going to tell you why you were sacked? Does he not have a need to justify his actions to the electorate or is FDC run under some Communistic rules? Better watch what I say, or I could end up in the local gulag for crimes against the state!!

    Keep up the good work Martin - no complaints over your behaviour from this part of Whittlesey (and from what I've heard the majority of the rest of Whittlesey feel the same way!").