Thursday, 11 October 2012


Many of you will have seen the latest events about supermarkets.  If you haven't, I suggest you read the Cambs Times website.

I am not going to comment on most of the actions taken by the Leader, except to say something has to be done.  But I am going to say that my sacking has baffled me and others.

The events were as follows.  In a telephone conversation with the Leader of Fenland, Cllr Alan Melton on the evening of 10th October I was invited to resign to prevent the indignity of being sacked.  I asked for the reason for this and I was told it was because of "community perception".  I challenged and suggested that I had not seen or heard any issues in respect of this.

Having consulted a few people, I chose to decline the request.  This is my exact response sent by email early this morning:

Having consulted with a few people overnight. I have decided to refuse your request to resign. If you believe I should go on the basis of public perception (which is what you stated) that a debate needs to be had in public and I would therefore prefer the process to be transparent, rather than a fudge through forced resignation.
It's a bit clumsily worded because I was in a bit of a rush.  But I'm sure you get the point.  Being honest, I do not believe this is the real reason - I may have reacted differently if I thought I was being told bluntly and honestly what I had done wrong. I have had huge support for my behaviour in this process from across the board - but certainly there are politicians and others who do not like the robust approach I have taken - but sometimes I think being an elected community leader means you have to do that.  I hope that is not the reason for my sacking, if it is it sends a dreadful, dreadful message to other councillors who choose to stand up and be counted when they feel their community has been let down (which Whittlesey has).

It is also true that I had been considering resignation anyway because I was so disappointed with the actions taken by a few people at the last planning meeting - but I was waiting for Cllr Melton's reaction to events before I took a decision.  However, there is a difference between being forced to resign and resigning as a matter of conscience - and that is why I took the decision to refuse the request.


  1. once again an inept authority has shot the messenger - I am sure if fenland hall had their way we would be annexed to Peterborough. Whittlesey? Where is that should be item 1 on the next agenda...

  2. There is certainly no negative view from this section of the community. To the contrary I believe that your move to disassociate yourself from the planning committee debacle was an act of genius

  3. Whoever hates disguises himself with his lips and habours deceipt in his heart when he speaks graciously,believe him not for abomination is in his heart,though his hatred be covered with deception his wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.
    You Martin are the prudent man and discern your way, the folly of the fool is deceiving.
    Do not grow weary of doing good for in due season you will reap if you do not give up.

    I am here

  4. Thanks for your support. I still have yet to get evidence of any negative community perceptions.

    Guardin Angel - I would love to buy you a drink for giving me a few giggles.